Leveraging Technology to enable Health care transformation and ease

Modules we cover

Patients Documents Management

  • Patients registration
  • Search with patient details
  • Manage episodes of care
  • Organize medical history
  • Manage images and x-ray as attachments

Appointment booking

  • Book patients for appointment
  • Notify patients of appointment with email and SMS
  • Reduce patients waiting time
  • Create episodes of care for patients
  • Health care team contribution to care across departments


  • Make payments offline at pay points
  • Online payments with debit cards
  • Accounting of payments with time
  • Attachment payment history to patients
  • Generate electronic receipt
  • Manage non-patients payments

Teleconferencing (Beta)

  • Schedule appointment with patients online
  • Make audio call with patients
  • Make video call with patients


  • Statistics of patients bio-data
  • Statistics of patients appointment data
  • Statistics of revenue collection


  • Deliverable through Progressive web Application
  • Mobile (Android/IOS)
  • Patients Mobile application (Beta)

The market we serve


Hospitals get automated using our simple solution


Governments get predictive insights on state health status through interfaciity linkage across all available health facilities

Health maintenance organizations

Health Maintenance organizations gets to arrange their patients details and get realtime medical billing from serving clinics


Vendors partner with us to provide their clients with our simple and SMART solution

How our solution improve your healthcare experience

Empower care team

Make it faster and easier to share secure health data, collaborate, and generate insights that improve patient outcomes today — and team performance for tomorrow.

Improve Operational outcomes

    Synchronize healthcare operations and management efforts across clinical and administrative staff to improve patient experience and accelerate decision-making. Explore operational and clinical analysis technologies that scale.

Reimagine Healthcare

Discover healthcare innovations that are advancing value-based care and shaping the future of healthcare. Learn about digital healthcare industry trends and transformative technologies.

Patient Health Information Security

Create a holistic approach to data security, privacy, and compliance

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